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Glue dots - dispenser

Dot Shot Pro: for easy processing of our Glue Dots

  • A safe and easy alternative to hot melts and liquid glue

  • No power connection required

  • Can be used for almost all of our Glue Dots adhesive products

We designed our Dot Shot Pro for easy and simple processing of our Glue Dots.

With this help, objects can be equipped with one or more points simply from the wrist, regardless of whether they are rounded surfaces or in corners, even entire lines of points can be dispensed in a split second.

Perfect for use in print shops & bookbinders, contract packers and in direct mail.

For our Dot Shot Pro hand dispenser, our glue dots are standard in 3 adhesive strengths: weak, strong and super strong


QuikDot Pro:


The Quick Dot Pro was developed for resealing food and beverage cartons.

It works with our small glue dots rolls in strong and super strong for the quick and easy closing of cardboard boxes and folding boxes

EconoDot Pro:


This semi-automatic dispenser for GlueDots is ideal for small and large projects.

A light barrier detects when you remove a GlueDot and advances to the next point for immediate use.

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