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Glue dots - application examples

Use glue dots to attach advertising material (cards, samples, advertising, telephone, credit cards, CD's, etc.) to packaging, magazines, mailings, etc.

GLUE DOTS are available in three versions as standard:

Low tack for temporarily attaching business cards and credit cards to letters. Easy to remove from most surfaces

High tack more adhesive strength, ideal for attaching product samples, cards, etc., but can still be removed from most surfaces

Super high tack for permanently attaching operating instructions or for closing boxes, difficult to remove from most surfaces.


Here is a brief overview of the various possible uses.

Attach things to magazines and brochures to draw attention to your products.

  • template

  • Business Cards

  • Members cards

  • Product Information

  • Coupons

  • Reply cards


Packaging & production

  • Glue parts in gift baskets

  • Ideal for press stations

  • Simple and safe product backup of small parts

  • faster and safer than hotmelts

  • Sticks immediately

  • Can be used in the food industry


Holds a wide variety of things in position in packaging and displays

  • Pattern on bottles

  • Reply cards

  • Labels on multi packs

  • Advertising material on the packaging of goods

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