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Sumbel introduces himself
... since 60 years best quality and excellent services

End of year 1948 Waldemar Sumbel manufactured himself own designed Gluing Machine as a friend of him a bookbinder needs small machine for his job.


Waldemar Sumbel couldn’t know that after 70 years more than 50000 Gluing Machines doing their job in nearly 110 countires worldwide.

Today 70 years later the Sumbel company is specialised in production of glue application machines for packing and graphic industries. End of the 60th both sons are joining fathers company !  

Since the beginning of the 90th we expand our production and distribution activities. We start to sell different kindes of adhesives, hotmelts and looked worldwide after products could be suitable to our product range

1992 we moved with our production and office facilities out of the city of Bremen into new facilities in indutrial park “Reedeich” in Bremen. These new, larger and more modern facilities and the start of Sven Sumbel in the company describes also new aims for the future of Sumbel business

We start as distribution center of our US-partners GLUEFAST for their special SKID-LOCK products. In year 1998 we start our activities for our “GLUE SPOTS” pressure sensitive adhesive dots in the meantime one of our most interesting products. 


Today, SUMBEL is still family business in 3rd generation, this will help us develope our intentions concerning business evaluations without external influences.


We, the Sumbel family will assure our customers competent and professional services and high technical standards of our products. This philosophy is common is aim of family members and employees-team of Sumbel GmbH.

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